Erected a new steel supply and fabrication center

We can provide most anything you need from structural shapes to bars, sheet and tubing. Choose from common 6061 and 5052 alloys to aircraft alloys like 2024 and 7075. Not sure what you need?

Give ALCAM a call and we will do our best to help you figure out what works best for your application.

Grades and Types Available

  • 6061
  • 6063
  • 3003
  • 5005
  • 5052
  • 2024
  • 1100
  • 7075
  • MIC-6

Other various tempers

ALCAM sells brass in all mill forms, including sheet, plate, round, bar, tube, and pipe. The brass alloys are the most widely used of the copper alloys offering inexpensive alternatives to the more expensive alloys.

Brass alloys have good corrosion resistance, moderately high strength, and in some compositions good ductility and forming characteristics.

Grades and Types Available

  • CDA360
  • CDA464
  • CDA485
  • SAE660
  • CDA260
  • CDA220
  • Soft Temper
  • Half Hard Temper
  • Hard Temper

ALCAM also sells bronze in plate, sheet, rod, bar, and pipe. Bronze has good resilience and fatigue characteristics.

The alloys listed below, are often used for their strength, high corrosion resistance, and wear ability.

Grades and Types Available

  • C220
  • C510
  • C544
  • C614
  • C630
  • C642
  • C655
  • C675
  • C729
  • C863
  • C903
  • C932
  • C936
  • C954
  • C955

ALCAM supplies carbon steel that comes in a variety of types including hot rolled and cold finished along with different alloys.

We provide a variety of different shapes including but not limited to angles, beams, channels, round bars, flat bars, tubing, sheet and plate. We can sell you stock lengths, or can custom cut to specific lengths.

Grade and types available in HR & CF

  • A-36
  • C1018
  • C1045
  • M1020
  • PVQ
  • Commercial Quality
  • Pickled and Oiled
  • Stressproof
  • Turned Ground and Polished

Carbon Alloys

  • 4130
  • 4140
  • 4150
  • 4340
  • 8620
  • 4150
  • 4140/4142
  • 41L40-50

ALCAM sells copper in sheet, plate, bar (round and flat), pipe, and tubing, in many different sizes, grades, and tempers. Most commonly used for bus bars in electrical applications or pipe in plumbing applications.

Some of the copper we market and sell, also ends up being used in artistic architectural pieces, such as custom bar counter tops or sculptures.

Grades and Types Available

  • CDA110
  • CDA145
  • CDA187
  • CDA122
  • CDA170
  • CDA172
  • CDA173
  • Soft Temper
  • ¼ Hard Temper
  • ½ Hard Temper
  • Hard Temper

ALCAM is a certified Fibergrate Distributor. The ALCAM team has been through extensive Fibergrate training. The key benefits of specifying Fiberglass gratings include, corrosion resistance, slip resistance, impact resistance, light weight, superior ergonomics, ease of installation, and long, low maintenance life cycles.

These features and benefits qualify Fibergrate products for extensive use in various markets and applications including chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, water and wastewater, beverage, transportation, telecommunications, architectural and recreational.


Grade and types available:

  • Corvex
  • IFR
  • Vi-Corr
  • FGI-AM
  • ELS
  • XFR
  • Super Vi-Corr

ALCAM is a certified Indital Distributor. Indital is a world wide leader in the production and distribution of wrought iron and stainless steel stair and railing products. We stock cap rail, decorative rail, hammered tubing, hammered square and round bar, tree bark profile, punched channel and twisted ropes,

which can be used in rails, fencing, gates, balconies, stairs, furniture, and miscellaneous metal art applications. We also carry fence and gate hardware! If you see anything on their website that we do not carry be sure to purchase through us as we can provide you with special discounted pricing.

Stainless Steel: We carry stainless steel in many shapes including, but not limited to, structural shapes, like angles, beams, and channels, square and round tubes, sheet and plate, as well as round and flat bar.

Stainless type 304 is the most commonly used type of stainless but we provide many different types/grades of stainless. If you are looking for a special size or alloy, please give us a call. We would be happy to assist you in locating just about anything you need.

Grade and types available

  • 303
  • 304/L
  • 316/L
  • 317L
  • 409
  • 430

And more…